Having trouble with changing your Tile's ringtone? Here are few tips and guidelines that may resolve the issue you are experiencing:

  1. Please check that you are changing the ringtone of the correct Tile. If a Tile is not within range, you won’t be able to make changes until the app is able to connect to it.
  2. Please make sure that the Tile you are trying to update is right next to your phone/tablet.
  3. Is the Tile fully connected (To double-check, go back to Tile’s home screen, and make sure the green Find button is visible.)
  4. Have you tried turning bluetooth on and off, or restarting your phone or tablet?
  5. Are you currently connected to WiFi or cellular data?

Why is my Tile showing an incorrect location?

Your Tile’s location is updated using the Bluetooth radio connection between your Tile and your device running the app. 

If your app is not displaying the right location of your Tile on the map, there are a few steps that you could take to resolve this issue:

Updates: Please update your device’s software, and the Tile app to the most current versions.

Location Services: Location Services must be ON for both your phone and the app. To confirm that your location services are enabled:

For your iOS device: Settings > Scroll down to "Tile" and tap > check that "Allow Location Access" is set to "Always". This will ensure Tiles' locations are updating when the app is running in the background.

For your Android device: Each phone model's exact settings may differ but the essential functions may be accessed in Settings > search for or tap on "Location"> ensure the setting is "On" and that Tile is granted permission.

Network Connection: Please make sure you have a secure network connection. This could either be through Wifi or cellular data. *For more information about internet and cellular data usage, please visit this article here.

Battery Savings Options: These settings can slow location updates or stop locations from updating altogether in an effort to save phone battery. To ensure that your phone is showing the most up-to-date and current locations, it may be worthwhile to check your specific phone's documentation and adjust these settings so that the Tile app is continually updating the location of your Tiles.

If the tips listed above do not improve location reporting, please:

  • sign out and then sign back into your account.

If your Tile’s reported location is still incorrect, please contact us.



Tile is making a slow chirp melody

When you quickly double-press the button on your Tile to make your phone ring, are you hearing a slow beeping sound while your phone is staying silent? Don't worry! This is your Tile letting you know that it's searching for a connection, but it can't find your device just yet.

Your Tile will beep 5 times like a "chirp" when you quickly double-press the button on your Tile if:

  • Your Tile is out of range of your device
  • Bluetooth is not enabled
  • (iOS only) The app is closed on your device
  • The proper permission settings aren't enabled on your device 

To prevent Tile from sounding its "chirp", always ensure:

  1. Your device's Bluetooth is enabled
  2. (iOS only) The app is open and running in the foreground or background of your device at all times
  3. Your Tile and device are in range of each other
  4. Your device location settings are set to 'always' for Tile 

Once you’ve done this, try double-pressing the button on your Tile quickly to see if it has established a connection. Your Tile should ring your phone successfully!

**Please note that if your Android device is in Do Not Disturb - Total Silence mode, the Tile app will not be able to make your phone ring. A notification will still appear in the phone's lock screen that Tile is ringing your phone, but there will be no sound with the alert.

To keep your Android device on Do Not Disturb, but still ring it using your Tile, switch your Do Not Disturb mode to Alarms Only or Priority Only.

Still Having Trouble Finding Your Phone?

If you're still having trouble finding your phone with your Tile, just log into your Tile app on any device to see your phone’s last location, make it ring, or send a lock-screen message to those who might find it.