Essentials Pack

Finders for all your things. For the consumer who wants a good value on a complete set of Tiles to keep track of a variety of items. The essential pack includes Tile Mate, Tile Slim and two Tile Stickers.

Mate is the no-fuss way to keep track of your stuff. Now with a longer 200 ft. range. Mate uses a replaceable CR1632 battery which runs for a year with no upkeep, and then is easy to replace yourself.

The width of just two credit cards Slim easily slips into narrow spaces or lays flat on expensive devices. Slim slides into hidden spots or keeps a low-profile on your devices. The 3-year battery provides long-term convenience. 

Stickers are waterproof. Spill, splash and dunk proof so you can put it on everything worry-free. Small size with serious adhesive that sticks to anything. The 3-year battery provides long-term convenience.


A no-fuss way to keep track of your stuff. 


Add them to your favorites so everyone knows they’re findable.


Easily attaches to everyday things in your daily routine.

Finding made easy. Our family of finders and handy Tile app mean that now everything can be found.

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