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Tile Stickers

Small finder that sticks to anything.

The new Sticker is the easiest tracking solution of all. Small and waterproof with an adhesive back and 3-year battery life, the Sticker is ideal for busy individuals and families.

Spill, splash and dunk proof so you can put it on everything worry-free.

Small size with serious adhesive that sticks to anything.

Long Life
The 3-year battery provides long- term convenience. Then Sticker is eligible to be replaced at a discount.

Range 45m.
Three year battery life.

Tile Stickers


A no-fuss way to keep track of your stuff. 


Add them to your favorites so everyone knows they’re findable.


Easily attaches to everyday things in your daily routine.

Finding made easy. Our family of finders and handy Tile app mean that now everything can be found.

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